Thursday, January 16, 2020

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Local Knights of Columbus Insurance

If you ever have any questions about your policies, wish to purchase additional policies, or simply wish to speak with an agent about the many available products the KC offers, please don’t hesitate to contact your field agent.  If for some reason you cannot reach him, you can also contact the general agent.  For much more information about Knights of Columbus Insurance, please follow this link to the Supreme site, which may answer many of your questions:  Knights of Columbus Insurance Information


  Field Agent: Samuel Lawrence


  (309) 212-9055 Office Phone

  (847) 406-8962 Cell Phone


Sam provides a monthly post about life insurance and other products offered by the KC.  To read this month’s post, either click the following link or scroll down below the line and read the “INSURANCE MONTHLY.”


General Agent:
Andrew Ehrlich

(217) 212-9055 Office Phone

(217) 549-9349 Cell Phone

PO Box 288

Mahomet, IL 61853




Plan for this Tax Day and into the Future

April 15 (tax day) is right around the corner. It’s become popular this time of year to encourage the opening of an IRA or similar retirement annuity, or the depositing of additional funds into an existing account, as a tax-savings vehicle. Or perhaps someone has tried to convince you to open an account, touting the rate of interest that money in one of these accounts can earn. Let me join the chorus of folks encouraging you to open or add funds to an annuity, but for a different reason.

Certainly, contributing money to a Knights of Columbus annuity will allow you to save some money on your income tax return. And, our annuities do pay a very competitive interest rate, consistent with our primary goal of absolute safety of principal. Opening or adding to an annuity for these reasons, however, strikes me as taking a short-term view of a product that is designed to provide long-term security. How much security? How does retirement income that you cannot outlive — guaranteed — sound to you?

Here at the Knights of Columbus, you can open a retirement annuity for as little as $300. Consistent and disciplined savings placed into that annuity over time can – properly structured – guarantee you an income at retirement that you cannot outlive. That guarantee — along with the fact that no one has ever lost money left in a Knights of Columbus annuity (remember – absolute safety of principal) — really will provide you with peace of mind.

I am happy to meet with you – at your convenience and in your home – to explain in detail the benefits of opening a Knights of Columbus annuity, along with the benefits of our top-rated life insurance, disability income and long-term care insurance plans.

Sam Lawrence

(847) 406-8962